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Driving Sustainability at The Right Touch Engravers

As a business specializing in trophies and awards, we encounter unique opportunities to support sustainability within our community. At The Right Touch Engravers, we remain steadfast in our commitment to avoiding the disposal of trophies in landfills.  

We are frequently asked if we accept old trophies, and the answer is yes. However, after an initial round of collections, we soon realized that inventory was accumulating rapidly, necessitating the development of a sustainable and efficient approach to repurpose these trophies. 

Subsequently, we discovered that various components of these old trophies, including nuts, bolts, rods, and marble, could be recycled and reused. The result is that we are now able to construct new, gleaming trophies from these previously discarded parts.

Not only is this a gratifying process, but it is also an environmentally sustainable initiative that we are confident will have a positive impact on our community.


Sustainability at The Right Touch Engravers

Read more about how The Right Touch Engravers does sustainability in our article below!

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