Driving Sustainability at The Right Touch Engravers

We are presented with unique experiences and opportunities as a trophy and award business, including ones where we can support sustainability in our community. Right away, we knew that the idea of adding trophies to landfills was one The Right Touch Engravers was not willing to entertain. 


You would be surprised by the number of times someone asks, “Do you take old trophies?” and our answer always is – of course, we do! After our first round of collections of old trophies, inventory only began growing, and we had to think of a sustainable and efficient way to make use of these trophies. 


It wasn’t too long after when we noticed that old trophy parts – such as nuts, bolts, rods, and even marble, could be reused. The magic happens when we can build brand-new, shiny trophies from these used parts that we took from the old trophies that we collected.


It’s not only a rewarding thing to do but something sustainable that we know will have a positive impact on our environment and the local community.


Sustainability at The Right Touch Engravers

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